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Adygea, often called the «southern gem» of Russia, is a land of a wondrous contrast yet harmony between the boundless steppe and foothill woodlands, the eternal snow caps of the Caucasus peaks and the warm shores of the Black Sea.

Adygeya, is the republic listed first in the alphabetical catalog of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. It embodies a unique world which combines natural beauty, venerable antiquity, inimitable multifaceted culture, and the progress of modern civilization, all intertwined and complementing each other.

The territory of Adygea used to be a part of the historic land known as Circassia which was located in the North-West Caucasus and the northeastern shores of the Black Sea. The name “Circassia” is a Latinization of the nation’s self-nomination “Cherkess”. At the end of the 15th century a detailed description of Circassia was made by a Genoese traveler and ethnographer Giorgo Interiano.

Maykop is the capital city of the Republic of Adygea. It is located between two bigger cities: Krasnodar and Sochi.

Adyghe State University (ASU)

Adyghe State University (ASU) is a classical one; it is the leading academic and research center of the Republic of Adygea and one of the nationally recognized educational centers in the North Caucasus.

The history of ASU goes back to 1940, when a Teachers’ Training Institute was first opened in Maykop. The year of 2015 will witness the 75th anniversary of ASU. Within 75 years the University has trained thousands of highly qualified specialists who work in different regions of Russia and abroad. Hundreds of ASU graduates have became scientists, professors, academicians, heads of various educational institutions and departments.

The University now trains over 14,000 students in a wide range of various professional educational programs. Structurally, ASU includes three institutes, eleven departments, seven affiliations in the Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar region, Humanities and Technology Community College, Center for Professional Development, Republican School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Turbo Computer Center, Center for Intellectual Development of Children; Pascal Scientific Center, Preparatory Department.

Through many years ASU has gained a great scientific and educational potential. The University employs 647 faculty members, including over 100 professors with higher doctorate degrees, about 400 lecturers with Ph.D.-equivalent degrees, 24 members of various Russian and international academies.

The quality of professional training at ASU has found recognition on both national and international levels. Educational programs offered by ASU have been certified by the European Organization of Quality and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The university has been listed in the National Book of Honor.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DMCS)

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DMCS) (former Department of Mathematics and Physics, then of Mathematics) was one of the first teaching and research institutions in the structure of Adyghe State University. It was founded in 1941, almost the same year when ASU came into existence. Since then DMCS has been continuously growing and increasing its potential. Now it is the leading division of ASU.

Through its history, DMCS was headed by distinguished pedagogues, scientists, and education managers: Deans Mukhtar Shaov and Yuriy Kurizhev. At present time, the Dean of the department is Dr. Daud Mamiy, who is also the chair of Algebra and Geometry sub-department and principal of Republican School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

At the initial stage, big contribution to the department’s setting and growth was made by a number of eminent professors and scientists, such as K.I. Bedusenko, K.S. Lazerev, V.I. Chelnokova, G.I. Kusikova, A.E. Nikolaev, N.Yu. Delikamov, M.Ch. Shaov, S.E. Elnikov, Z.V. Sheujen, I.P. Mityuk, K.L. Bedanokov, A.N. Neflyashev, V.I. Solomkin, A.G. Shuster, M.L. Brodskiy, et al..

At the end of the 1960s, the department received the most significant impetus to its development due to the efforts of such distinguished mathematicians as Dr. Khazertal M. Andrukhaev, Dr. Kazbek S. Mamiy, Dr.Yuriy A. Kurizhev, Dr. Arkadiy S. Aujan, Dr. Vladimir N. Zamyatin, Dr. Svetlana M. Shaova.

DMCS professors and faculty effectively teach and do research in pure & applied mathematics (mainly in the field of differential equations and their applications) and computer science. The results of their work have been presented in various Russian and international academic journals.

Two major scientific books (in English) - Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of Nonlinear  Nonautonomous Ordinary Differential Equations (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 2004) and Stabilization of Linear Systems (Cambridge Scientific Publishers, Cambridge, 2012) - have been published by the department faculty Dr. Jumaldin D. Mirzov and Dr. Magomet M. Shumafov (co-author prof. Gennady A. Leonov, St.Petersburg University).

The ASU Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences collaborates with departments of Mathematics in major Russian national universities – Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University.